Monday, August 29, 2016

Vintage Flea Market: 8/6/16 photos

Found so many great things at our August Vintage Flea Market – copper candlesticks, vintage glassware, little tables... here are just a few of the things that stood out. Keep in mind that we took these photos in the morning, before a busy day of selling... so quite a bit of this is probably sold. But you never know! Check back at our next market on Saturday, September 3, in the gardens at Pomegranate.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Flea market nirvana

Last Saturday we hosted our second Vintage Flea Market of the season, and it was a wonderful, full market. Lots of vendors, lots of shoppers, busy, busy, busy. Inside the shop, we had lines snaking out the door, customers with armloads of goodies and so many good finds. It was so much fun, but we were also happy to have the next two days off to recuperate! Did you miss it? Never fear; there are three more. Our next Vintage Flea Markets are scheduled for the first Saturday of the month, from 10-4: August 6; September 3; and October 1. Here are a few pics from our July 2, 2016 market...