Saturday, August 25, 2012

French Flea Market today at Pomegranate

Writing this just before I fly out the door to get to today's French Flea Market at Pomegranate... Robert (who arrives at the shop at 6:30am to direct vendor setups) reports that there are some really great items to be had. We're full of vendors today, and the weather promises to be gorgeous (ahhh, not too hot!). Dash on over to Pomegranate for our fourth (and next to last) French Flea Market of the season. Today, from 10-4, in the gardens. 120 NE River Mall Avenue, across from the north end of Macy's (you'll see the traffic jam). Park across the street, bring some cash (some vendors can take credit cards...over $100 we can run it through the shop for you, but cash is still king!). Happy.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Tea towel junky

As obsessions go, I don't think this one is too terrible. Some women collect shoes. I have to have tea towels. Lots of them. Here's my MO: when brand new, I use them on our counter or console table as a sort of mini tablecloth, upon which I can set glasses, bar setup, hors d'oeuvres, whatever. They can also line a tray (original usage) or act as a short runner. One can serve this purpose for a long time, until somebody dumps a mojito on it. Then you wash it and put it into service as a very good dish/hand towel. If you feel like ironing them, they can still be your good towels. They're pretty, they add a splash of color to the kitchen, and good ones hold up to multiple washings (we still have a few at the bottom of the pile that are 20 years old). I change ours out just about daily.

Oh, and they make great gifts, either by themselves, or wrapped around a bottle of wine, or holding a little collection of foodie treats (french salts, olive oil, etc.).

What is not to love?

So yesterday, we received a shipment of tea towels from a French company I just found, and they are beautiful. Maybe my all-time favorites. I'm sure Robert thought I was a bit of a pest, because for every one I opened, I oohed and ahhed and made him look at it, and for half an hour, it was nothing but "oh my god, look at this color!" and "wow – look at this one!" and "isn't that gorgeous?"

As he said this morning, being a junky is not cute. But I don't care. We've got our new tea towels and I'm flipping over them, and hope you will too. I already have plans to donate half of what's in our tea towel baskets at home, and slip some of these new ones in... right now we have lots of different styles and colors, but just two of each. Not to worry, I'll be placing a reorder right away. Here are a few (not so great) pictures:

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A big thank you to voters and to "The Source"

We're doing a little jig these days, because we just won "Best Home D├ęcor" by The Source readers for the 2012 "Best of" issue. We really appreciate all the votes, and the visits by our dear clientele! The Source put on a really nice party for all of us last Friday – a lovely setting at Good Life Brewing, lots of good food and beer and merriment. And they had these wonderful winners' plaques for each of us, with – get this – a different dog on each one! And the dogs were at the party for a meet 'n greet. How fun is that? We went right out and framed our certificate, of course. I mean, how perfect is that French Fifi poodle for us? She's even wearing pearls...

Meanwhile, we had our own little "thank you" celebration on Saturday, and even though it was really hot, we had a fabulous day, served up lots of champagne (and lemonade), and so enjoyed seeing everyone. Best quote of the day came from a girl (about nine years old?) who was having a good time. Her parents were ready to go, and she held back, saying "But... I don't wanna go! I LOVE this place!" Thank you, you darling girl.

Our three winners for our Soji lantern doorprizes are Linda J., Lori D., and Kathy R. Congrats! See you soon.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Pictures from the flea market

Last Saturday at this time, our gardens were crawling with customers and jammed with flea market vendors. I love flea market days, even though that one was awfully hot and steamy. At least we had our misters going under the gazebo and arbor... standing under that fine mist takes the temp down at least 20 degrees. By the way, Robert made our newest mister himself, with materials cobbled together from the hardware store. He'd be happy to tell you how to do it... a great way to cool down your deck or garden space.

Anyway, it was a great flea market day, and even though a couple of vendors couldn't make it at the last minute, there was still a lot of great finds to be had, and a few new vendors who brought some delightful and fabulous goodies. 

Our next market is coming up fast: Saturday, August 25, from 10-4. You don't want to miss it!

Friday, August 3, 2012

French Flea Market tomorrow: at Pomegranate

Cannot wait for our French Flea Market tomorrow (Sat. August 4, from 10-4). Our vendors are coming from far and wide (Eugene, Portland, Hailey, ID... and Bend) to set up in our gardens with all their great finds. There will be lots and lots of vintage and antique, from fashion to furniture to accessories. Cowgirl chic, garden art, fabulous chunky jewelry made from Paris flea market bits, funky furniture, plants and flowers... we don't even know what all will make an appearance. There are always tons of treasures, and it's all priced to sell. We love how this has turned into a wonderful community event – there really is no other flea market like it. Attendance has grown beyond what we ever believed possible, and we've been lucky to find so many great vendors. Most of them are not professional dealers at all: they're collectors or folks with a really good eye who do this on the side. Some fix up furniture in their garages, or stand in line for estate sales at 4am to scrounge up some good antiques for sale. Some have had shops and are clearing out all their good vintage merchandise (sometimes for pennies on the dollar).

One of our favorite jewelry makers, Kay, is coming from Eugene with her wonderful creations she makes from interesting findings gleaned at the Parisian flea markets every year (see photo below of my favorite necklace I bought from her last year). Added bonus: she brings other goodies she's found at the Paris fleas, so look for some one-of-a-kind pieces. Like some of our other vendors, she can only attend our flea market once each summer, and this Saturday is it. I can't wait to see what new vendors Cowboy Couture and Painted Pony Productions are bringing – lots of great vintage and funky cowgirl chic, between them. Vintage Chix is back with two booths full of antiques, Tess (of Beach House) also has two booths for all her wonderful upcycled vintage furniture and accessories. Kay is bringing a truckload of antiques, from dining tables to fine chairs, art and smalls. We have two expert garden designers and coaches bringing planted containers, garden art and flowers. Michelle Loves Paris is always full of surprises (she's bringing four full booths of goodies, and will be putting out more stuff all during the day), and... that's just a start.

The weather promises to be just beautiful, and we'll have two misters going in the back gardens if you get hot (Robert will be happy to show you how to make your own – not tomorrow, but he'll be glad to give you instructions any other day). Bring plenty of cash (including small bills), so you can pay and dash onto the next find. Some vendors can take cards, and for larger purchases, we can run credit cards through our shop for them (over $100). Park across the street in the mall (please, park in designated spots and don't block anything – so far, we've managed not to irritate our neighbors too much with our growing flea markets, and would like to keep on good terms with them!). Bring a shopping tote or two (my favorite flea market bag is one of those giant IKEA totes lined with bubble wrap). Put the dog on a leash and bring him or her if you wish! It's kind of turned into a doggie meet and greet, too, so that's always fun.

See you at 10 tomorrow (you can come a bit early, but some of the vendors will still be dashing around, putting things up).