Friday, December 18, 2015

Soirée Wrap-up

We lost track a little bit on how many official annual holiday Soirées we've had at Pomegranate: you know, the one in which we serve cocktails from an ice bar (no matter the weather!), and give ten percent of the day's sales to local non-profits. Pretty sure this was number 15...

 Anyway, this year's party (on December 5) was really, really fun, and it was a great day all around. Our beneficiary for the event this year was The Bloom Project – they bring so much happiness to hospice and palliative care patients! With a really good day of sales, we were able to write them a check for $710. Thank you to everyone who came out and shopped and had fun! We thought the windows might break from the activity and noise level inside the shop... but all was well. This year we ran out of everything, which is a good thing. We served up a lot of cocktails. All the cheeses, prosciutto, smoked salmon and paté – wiped out. As well as all the wonderful cookies and sweet little bites from Shelbi at Too Sweet Cakes. She did a fabulous job with all the goodies she made fresh that morning, and we were happy to have been able to snag a few little bites. Thanks also to adorable Hope, who ran around and replenished all the foods, snagged empty glasses, kept the bonfire going and the hot cider full...

I was able to take just a few pictures before it all really got rolling – after that, Jennifer and I did nothing but write up sales and wrap gifts... nonstop! Yep, never set foot outside after that, until it was all over. So much fun, though... and so great to see everyone.

The bonfire was already warming people up at 4pm

Cookies from Too Sweet Cakes: delicious!

The Bloom Project brought us a gorgeous bouquet

Happy taste-testers under the arch

The canopy nearly blew away in the morning, but stayed put for the Soirée

More happy taste-testers in front of the ice bar

Thursday, December 17, 2015

The elves are still bringing goodies to Pomegranate

This is always a very unpredictable season for retailers, merchandise-wise. Sometimes you order too much of something and it sits around. Sometimes you order too much and it flies out the door. Sometimes you don't order enough and can't get it again until the following year. And sometimes, vendors just ship stuff in seemingly random bursts of insanity. Three weeks ago, we got a box of testers, but no product. The product itself arrived today, one week before Christmas eve – ha ha ha. It's okay: all good stuff that we will sell. Still, it would have been great to have it weeks ago. Christmas paper decorations that were supposed to ship on October 15 just got here two days ago. Huh?

On the other hand, some vendors are amazing and quick and ready to rock 'n roll with your orders, even if you're groggily sending them emails at midnight. Sometimes they surprise you with overnight deliveries and graciousness in the face of picky special requests.

Anyway. We are still getting some wonderful things in at both stores for your shopping pleasure. We just received a big order of our wonderful faux fur blankets, scarves, gloves and boot toppers (don't forget the cozy headbands for a great stocking stuffer). There's more jewelry, soaps, candles, serving pieces. We are again fully stocked with Voluspa candles, as well as Frasier Fir, Paddywax (the little library candle tins are a perfect stocking stuffer for your book-loving friends!), and lovely Volcano in blue, white or red jars... and tomorrow, we'll have out for you the mercury glass versions with wood lid. We even have some New Year's goodies and lots of Christmas party goods (like surprize balls, our favorite paper pea shooters, and wish paper).

We'll probably have new merchandise roll in on Christmas Eve, so keep checking back with us! Here are just a few pictures of new arrivals...

The sweetest little Mistral soaps, ready to drop in a stocking

The pamplemousse (grapefruit) is delicious. 

Richly scented Spanish soap

More Mistral holiday soaps wrapped and ready

Love their new liquid hand soap line, too. A day in Provence!

No party is complete without pea shooters...

Luscious and cozy: faux fur blankets and scarves

Manly cedar soaps (and buddhas)

Garden trays, dishes, and little framed prints

Can't go wrong with Frasier Fir – so Bend!

It's full again! Lots of beautiful Voluspa candles to choose from

We're rather partial to the Pomegranate from Voluspa

And they have such beautiful containers, too

Can hardly keep these in stock

Horseshoe soap!

A few new guy things...

Volcano (also in the hard-to-get red glass jar)

Library candles in tin or glass, each featuring a beloved writer