Monday, January 31, 2011

Yip yip woof woof

Our annual "Testers and Oddballs" sale is officially over, and thanks to our generous clientele, we raised $301 for the Humane Society. Here's how it works: we pull all our testers, onesies, oddballs, leftovers and put them all out on the front porch at the shop. Customers decide what they want, and how much they want to pay/donate into the honor jar ... and all of it goes to our chosen charity. Mollie (Pomegranate's shop dog extraordinaire) told us she wanted it to benefit the Humane Society, and so it goes. Boy, we put out some good stuff this time!

We are really happy with the results, and will deliver the moola to the Humane Society within a few days. Yip yip yippee.