Saturday, October 3, 2015

Autumn, for real

The seasonal cycles in retail always feel a little strange: you shop and order way in advance, and it all comes rolling in long before anyone is ready. When it was still in the 90s a few weeks ago, I couldn't bear to put much of our new product out. But now that we're crunching around in glorious fiery leaves and enjoying the cool evening temperatures (not so much enjoying the early darkness), I'm happily reveling in the fall scents of our new candles, and loving the more muted fall colors. It's for real now – I can almost taste our friend Eleanor's pumpkin chiffon pie!

Oh yes: Halloween! We didn't go crazy on the Halloween decorations this year – at market, we only chose the things we really loved. But what we do have is really special. It doesn't take much to add some little touches of fall and halloween to your house... especially on an entry table. Oh, and you might remember the fabulous little LED rice lights we had last year for the Christmas season: we will have them again for the holidays, but also brought in a series for halloween/fall – with black wire and amber lights. Really fun to wrap around seasonal wreaths, a ghouly tableau, or candle settings.

Here's just a little preview of some of our new arrivals:

New soy candles in our 2oz votives: fab fall scents (and colors)

Beautiful African baskets

Battery-operated rice lights

Lacy masks and black pumpkins

New goodies in the cottage (including a biergarten set)

Mr. Crow has a tin bucket for a little pot of fall flowers

EEK! Clever and chunky cardboard letters

Japanese lantern garlands for draping

Meow! Adorable kitty napkins for your halloween party

Gypsy hurricanes for the front porch

Mixture soy candles in so many new fragrances

Orange tin hurricane lantern

Instant costume: sexy mask

Mixture soy candles in galvanized tin

Pumpkin face has multi-colored lights inside

Glittery witch's broom

More great napkins for your get-togethers