Saturday, July 30, 2011

Bees and dragonflies: a pallet of glassware arrives at Pomegranate

Our favorite bee and dragonfly glasses arrived yesterday, after their long journey on the slow boat from France. Some of us have been waiting for months for these. Buzz in quickly (heh), because they're going to go fast, and we have no guarantees that we can get them again anytime soon. If you are on our wish list for them, you probably got a phone call yesterday: we'll hold them for a week, unless you tell us differently. Except for just a few sizes, we are fully stocked! And remember, you get 10% off if you buy six or more of the same size.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Your garden rocks

Your garden will rock with a few well-placed accessories. We don't recommend stuffing ornaments into every corner and gnomes under every rock, but try tucking in a few subtle touches here and there. An iron quail. A faux snail. A rocking bench. A bird feeder you can stake into the ground (perhaps outsmarting the squirrels?). St. Francis hiding in the lavender. Most of this is available right now at Pomegranate... a new load of garden accoutrements just arrived, and we'd love to help you choose the right pieces.

Signs of our times

Love these box signs that hang or just prop up on a shelf (and the boxes and mugs that go with them). You might not want them all over the house, but a few strategically placed messages at home (or office) are really fun (and inexpensive). I love the one that starts "You are the macaroni to my cheese..."

Balmy evenings: a party in your garden every night with Soji solar lanterns

Please don't snicker at the word "balmy." Warm summer evenings are coming, even in Bend, promise. Actually, I'm quite happy with the state of the weather here, right now. Imagine being stuck under that heat dome that's making its way east. Yuck! It gives me a headache just thinking about that kind of suffocating, humid heat. We haven't been able to eat dinner outdoors much here, but we will. And when we do, we're ready for you!

One of our favorite products we found at market is the Soji solar lantern collection. Yes, solar lanterns. No wires, plugs, extension cords. They have a neat little solar pad at the top of the lantern that collects sunlight during the day and powers the lantern for hours after the sun goes down. They're made of nylon and are designed for all weather (although we're going to put ours away for winter*). We took a few home to experiment with when we got our first shipment, and we just love them. We've let the sprinklers smack them and the wind whip them, and they're holding up very well. Individual lanterns come in either a round or elongated 'pod' shape, in white, yellow, orange, green, or blue. They have a wire loop that slides right over a branch or shepard's hook... or you can tie a piece of ribbon to the loop (or use an S hook) and then hang it from a branch. They would also look great hanging out from the wall on a hook. The round lanterns also have a flat base piece to allow them to sit on tables, but we've found that wind tends to send them rolling.

We also reordered the solar string lights in the multicolor pack, and they are stinkin' cute. You get ten lanterns per string, with enough space between lights to allow for a little swag, with a nice long lead to the little solar pad, which needs to be pointed towards the sun during the day. You can use one string to decorate a pergola, canopy or fence line... or (if your expense account allows), use multiple strings to create a little allée of lights, like a Provence marketplace in the evening (or like the outdoor dining areas on Belden Place in San Francisco).

We hung our string lights up under an outdoor umbrella (smaller white lanterns pictured), and Robert attached the solar pad to the outside of the canopy, totally out of view, for it to capture the sunlight. When the sun goes down, voilà, our lights come on. And as we so well know, the sun is going down a little earlier every day now. By next month, we'll be eating dinner at dusk in the glow of solar lanterns. In the balmy evenings.

{We just received a new shipment at Pomegranate the other day, so we're fully loaded on all the shapes and colors. Come choose your favorites while the selection is good!}

* A true winter story as relayed by one of our customers: she bought some Soji lanterns last year, somewhere else, and brought them back to her home in Minnesota (Michigan? Somewhere where winters are fierce). At some point before she could put them away for the season, one of the lanterns worked itself free and blew away in the wind. Winter snows arrived soon thereafter, and the neighborhood was covered in ice. One evening she was taking a walk, and saw a glow coming from underneath a snowdrift by the sidewalk. Yep, it was her lantern, which got just enough sun during the day – even buried under ice and snow – to light up at night. Keeps on ticking!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sanity check: now closed on Sundays

The reality of owning a small store is that you have to be there all the time. Every. Single. Day. And when you're not there, you're still working on something, unless you're blissfully free of websites, email, phones, spreadsheets, and a great big whiteboard covered with "to do" notes. Even if you have employees (which we don't), you're still tethered to it. {Not complaining, just saying, in case you're at work reading this and dreaming about opening up a shop... now is the moment to savor the gift of vacations, weekends, health care and regular paychecks.}

Anyway, last winter we realized this seven-days-a-week stuff was getting to us, and decided to close on Sundays just for spring. Have to say, it was really nice to have that one day to do whatever we wanted, even if it was work-related (like attacking the giant pile of boxes in the garage filled with popcorn). It anchored the week and gave it a beginning and an end, and we savored that feeling.

At the beginning of summer, we opened again for Sundays with the thought that some of our visitors would want to stop by on their way out of town (or locals who can't shop during the week), and that has happened to some extent, and for that we're grateful. But we're pooped. And we miss that one glorious day off. So we're doing something we've never done in our 13-year history: closing on Sundays midstream, starting now, this Sunday. I mean, we love you all, but yippee, hurray, and woo hoo for a day of rejuvenation.

Robert found a dirt-cheap bicycle for me at a garage sale, and I'm going to ride it. Yes, I am! Or I might sit in our sweet little garden and read a book. Heaven!! Any suggestions for easy, scenic hikes? That's on the forecast for us, too. Ahhh.

p.s. we're often at the shop earlier and later than our official hours of 10:30-5 Monday through Saturday, and are happy to stay open for you if you can't get there before 5pm. Just give us a call if you're on your way, and we'll wait! 541.383.3713.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

French Flea Market this Saturday at Pomegranate

We know it's a busy weekend: quilt show, downtown art festival, any number of athletic pursuits to pursue, etc. But you must stop by our wonderful flea market at Pomegranate this Saturday, from 10-4. We will be absolutely jammed with vendors (sold out, in fact) in our gardens. There will be lots of vintage and antique goods, hip hand-crafted artisan pieces, garden art, fabulous repurposed and upcycled objects, plus lavender and gorgeous hanging baskets. Grab your mad money (cash is best, of course, but some can take cards) and make a mad dash for Pomegranate on Saturday, July 9. Check back a few posts earlier for pictures of June's French Flea, or go to our website to see a fun little slideshow of previous markets. Allons, enfants!