Saturday, June 25, 2011

Celebrating our 13th year in business

It's our annual birthday party today at Pomegranate, in which we serve up delicious tidbits and libations, give away door prizes (two luscious baskets of soap and spa treats), and offer specials throughout the shop. If we remember the boules, we'll even have a little impromptu game of p├ętanque on the front lawn. We have lots of new arrivals – vintage and new – from this past week (some of which I'll likely still be putting out while you're wandering through).

Mostly, we're really thankful for all your support of our quirky little shop, and happy to have survived thus far (sometimes by the edge of our fingernails, but the lights are on, and someone is home!). We know it's a busy, busy weekend out there, between gardening, hiking, biking and Bite of Bend, but swing by if you can, have a delicious grilled kebab and a Pomegranate Sangria refresher (or, hmm, a little champagne?), give Mollie a pet (yes, our dear old girl is still with us) and take a look at all our wonderful new goodies. Pomegranate's lucky 13 Anniversary Party from noon-6 today at our slightly-off-the-beaten-path location, on River Mall Avenue, across the street from the north side of Macy's. In the historic farmhouse buildings...

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Oh baby baby

Just in: lusciously soft Little Giraffe baby blankets. The perfect gift for a new baby! In new colors and two sizes. Dreamy.

New garden goodies at Pomegranate

Loving our new solar lanterns; no wires to wrangle... they soak up the sun during the day and turn on at dusk for about eight hours. Took a few home to experiment with, and just love them. We just got in the shoji style single lanterns in different colors, and the string lanterns in white. All nylon, all-weather (although we will certainly take them down for winter). We even let the sprinklers nail them to see what happens. Keeps on ticking, with a warm glow in the evening.

Combine those with our new garden art to add instant charm to your greenery. We met Madras artist Judy at Kitchen Kaleidoscope last weekend, and flipped for her iron garden stakes, from the sweet family of quail to the owls, snails and birds. She and her husband make everything in their studio, and they are just fabulous. Lots more arriving Thursday. By the way, we love nothing more than meeting a local artist whose work we can carry in our shop!

Friday, June 17, 2011

See you at Kitchen Kaleidoscope tomorrow

Hope to see lots of you tomorrow, June 18, for Kitchen Kaleidoscope – a tour of seven great homes in North Rim and Northwest Crossing, with the emphasis on kitchen, of course. This is a fabulous event and fundraiser put on by one of our favorite groups: the Assistance League of Bend. At each home you'll see designers and florists featured in the kitchens, plus local restaurants, chefs and vendors offering up delicious tidbits and special things for sale. Yep, Pomegranate will be there too – we're setting up our little vendor booth in the gardens at the Ft. Clatsop house in Northwest Crossing. And, we'll have some special Kitchen Kaleidoscope offerings good for Saturday only at the tour (soaps and totes on sale!). So bring your girlfriends, bring your appetite, bring some cash (or checks... we can take credit cards, but it won't be easy), and have a great time. My only regret is that I won't have time to take the tour myself!

Kitchen Kaleidoscope goes from 10-3 on June 18. Advance tickets for this great fundraiser are $20 ($25 at the door); buy your tickets today at Ginger's (Old Mill), Kitchen Complements (downtown), or M. Jacobs in the Bend River Mall.

Pomegranate will also be open on Saturday for our regular hours of 10:30-5, and Robert hopes to see you there... lots of new merchandise arrived this week!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Papa might want one of these...

A few new arrivals at Pomegranate for dad: flasks of several sizes, great for travel, golf, events, concerts... (these are really nicely done). Special soaps, like citrus/black tea or our favorite sandalwood (plenty back in stock now), or hey – soap on a rope (in verbena or milk)! Or how about a boat? Think of the fun you could all have together with this neato vintage boat we have for sale! It's parked at the shop; come on by to take a look. We have the cards, too. Pancake breakfast? You're on your own...

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

French Flea Market pix from Pomegranate, Part Deux

Are you weeping? Because you couldn't come to our June 11 flea market? Never fear: the next one is scheduled for July 9. We've planned five fleas this summer... go to for a complete schedule.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Pictures from our 6/11/11 French Flea Market – Part Un

Saturday's French Flea Market: how sweet it was! So many good things. Amazing prices, and fabulous vendors. Wow, was it fun. I took hundreds of pictures, and about 75 of them were worth sharing, so I'm not even going to edit that down... it will take a couple of posts, no doubt. Our next market is scheduled for Saturday, July 9, from 10-4. Come by and pick up our events postcard in the shop, so you don't miss a thing.