Friday, September 27, 2013

Warning: very creepy halloween bits

Years ago, we came up with this idea that weird little doll heads and parts would be very effective halloween props. Bit by bit, we've collected random doll parts to use in our halloween displays (and at home, where we have hundreds of little trick-or-treaters stop by). We love decorating for halloween, but not necessarily with all the cheapo stuff you might find at a halloween store... this was part of our quest for a more organic halloween, one a little more homemade and creative. We still find plenty of goodies to bring into our shop, but everything we choose has a fun edge to it... or is something you can wear, something to slip on that makes an instant halloween costume (like our halloween hat headbands, feathery hair clips, or gauzy spider aprons). 

Our latest find in the shop is definitely creepy and tragically ghoulish. We procured a box of porcelain doll heads that were unearthed in Dresden, Germany from a bombed-out doll factory. They're eyeless, crusty, broken... and truly scary. Perfect for hanging from branches, collecting in a little group on a cheese platter (to serve to your unsuspecting guests), or just appearing in an unexpected place (on the coffee table, tucked into a houseplant, sitting on the sink). 

I'm not sure we can ever find anything quite like this again, so you might want to stop by and pick up a few (they're just $6.95 each). They'll be your classic Halloween Heirlooms to keep and put out year after year. 

Avert your eyes now if you don't like creepy halloween bits:

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Goblins and ghouls (and creepy dolls) in the Ice House

Our little Pomegranate farmhouse would be the perfect setting for a haunted house, wouldn't it? In fact, there are some who say it is haunted (by the friendly ghost of grandma). Although setting up a full-fledged haunted house is a bit beyond our scope, we do keep adding some spooky layers to our fall offerings. Lots of wonderful halloween goodies have just arrived, from our felted skeletons and kitties to wearables (creepy, nerdy glasses, feathery hair clips and rings, veiled hat headbands...). And, we have a fresh crop of silk velvet pumpkins in (they're 20% off through the end of the month!).

Over the years, we've been collecting old doll parts (the crustier the better) to use for halloween props, and the tradition continues this year. The idea is to hang the parts (heads, arms, torsos) from branches, or collect them under a glass cloche. We found a group of rather creepy looking doll heads that were unearthed in Dresden; they're eyeless and dirty, and just perfect for our look. We'll have those for you in the shop in just a few days...

We also bought dolls from the dollar stores and fixed them up for halloween, rubbing grease pencil on their faces, dressing them in black burlap or muslin "robes" (just a strip of fabric folded in two, with slot for doll's head; tie around the waist with another small strip of fabric)... Robert had fun putting a few staples in their faces, too. This is all easy (and inexpensive) to do at home if you want to dress up your yard for trick or treaters. We can't wait to entertain our neighborhood again this year. Now if Jilly will only get used to her little bumble bee costume!

Just a taste of our Halloween offerings at the shop:

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Oh, what a wonderful flea!

Already I miss our flea markets. The last one of the season was Saturday, September 14, and what fun it was! So many good finds... I just kept shopping and shopping, seeing things at the end of the day that I didn't see earlier. It could have been a little cooler (our poor vendors who were out there in the sun all day!), but other than that, it was a darn good flea market, and a nice way to end the season. I took lots of pictures: here are some highlights. By the way, check our website at to sign up for newsletters and find all the dates for our events. Next year's flea market dates will be published by early February or so.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Just back from a vintage shopping trip...

Oh boy, was that fun! We just got back from a vintage shopping expedition, and managed to load up the back of our truck with vintage goodies, from cocktail accoutrements to small pieces of furniture. Lots of it will be in the shop in the next few days, as we sift through our finds. We picked up a few oddball pieces, like a pair of wallpaper racks. We're not even sure how they work yet – we just liked them. I think the idea is that the wallpaper installer would put up these racks and drape the paper on them as it was readied for hanging. Come see what we found! Don't have many pictures yet because we haven't unearthed everything...

new baggallini and more!

One of us can't stop ordering handbags. Cannot. Have. Too. Many. We love our fun line from LA – such great styles and colors. And baggallini? To be honest, we almost stopped carrying them. I wasn't wild about the collection last year. But they stepped it up brilliantly and came up with some great new designs and colors and textures. Now I'm happy! Of course they're especially fabulous for travel: lightweight, versatile, and very organized. I love that you can adjust most of them in two seconds from shoulder bag to cross-body, and the larger travel sizes have a clever zip pocket that allows you to slip the bag over your suitcase handles (or over your matching baggallini rolling tote). But what's really nice is that they are stylish enough to wear every day. I love mine!

And here's a bonus for you: we can order any style, any color for you and have it shipped very quickly (even to your home if you're out of town). Are you on your way to Prague, or Barcelona, or Shanghai? Come see us for the perfect handbag/tote!

trays trays trays

You just can't have too many trays. They're great for serving, but also for corralling collections on a coffee table or ottoman (or vanity), and adding a pop of color on a mantel or in a bookcase. And, they make a great gift. We have some great new arrivals (I didn't even get pix of all of them); more coming soon. One of them will work for you, for sure.

New arrivals in the soap and spa room

Wonderful new things are arriving every day at Pomegranate. Today I shoehorned in some great new soaps and soap dishes (perfect for gifting or taking home for a treat), and filled up our Lollia products (yummy new hand creams, bubble bath, and gift sets). Our fabulous foaming hand soaps are back: lemon basil, tuscan pear, and grapefruit. Oh, and the sea salt soap – so fresh and clean-smelling. Mmmm.