Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A little holiday preview...

Even after all these years of being in business, it's always odd to us when Christmas goodies start showing up in August... or July! It feels kind of wrong, but that's what you have to do in retail; order early, ship early... or else you won't get the things you want. Well. We got everything we wanted, and more. For weeks (months?!) now we've been working behind the scenes getting things ready and oohing and ahhing over all the beautiful Christmas decorations and gifts that are rolling in (in alarming proportions). And the weather is now just right for it; these crisp, cold autumn days really put us in the mood for the upcoming holiday season.

Here's just a little taste – a tiny preview – of some of the things we're getting ready for you.

Gorgeous stone-washed linen napkins in many colors. Head over heels for these!

Lots of new book arrivals... and many more coming.

Lots of pretty new vintage items from our recent buying trip.

Lots of new napkins, including happy Marimekko

Vintage Japanese lacquer box and thanksgiving pumpkin

Do you have your Christmas cards yet?

More boxed Christmas cards.

Delicious Aquiesse candle (so many candles this year!)

Many, many platters and serving bowls, like this gorgeous Babylon Bowl.

Vases, garlands... all things Christmas.

Stunning large "Morph" vase of recycled red glass.

Just one of many fun and interesting Christmas trees we'll have.

Huge order of Wendell August trays and serving dishes just arrived.

Wire flower bowl is great for fruit, pinecones, christmas ornaments.

Wood and linen reindeer, so Scandinavian.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Some new goodies for Fall... and beyond.

Okay. Someone's poor little brain is on overload right now. So, so so many new finds have been arriving lately, and we're bouncing around trying to manage it all. Our pop-up store in the Old Mill District is coming along beautifully (watch for our grand opening on November 15), and our original Pomegranate is filled to the brim with lovely things. Here are some random pictures of new goodies. We are a bit too tired to organize things that make sense together, but you get it...

Northwest teas; so delicious and the beautiful packaging doesn't hurt, either.

2015 calendars are here: get yours now before they go bye-bye.

Many new calendars to choose from.

Lovely pumpkins transition from fall to halloween to thanksgiving.

Gorgeous silk scarves.

More scarves.

Amazing candle; great gift (if you can stand to give it away).

This scent just sends me over the top.

Adorable new French baby dinnerware: plates, suction bowls & sippy cups. 

Lots and lots of fab new Baggallini bags. Wow.

Made in Oregon of vintage barn tin; USA and Oregon maps. Sweet!

Lots of new vintage goodies, too, like these boules.

And this magnificent industrial scale for a large, interesting space.