Friday, October 25, 2013

The transition: creepy to cozy

I love this time of year, even though in the store it's one of the most challenging times in the realm of merchandising. Pre-Pomegranate, I decorated at home for every holiday... and if it went up a little late, or stayed up a bit longer than necessary, well, who cares? But you can't do that in a shop. There's a delicate timing – and sensibility – that dictates when you roll out (and put away) the decorations and the special merchandise.

I can't stand to see Christmas stuff too early (talkin' about you, Costco and Target!), nor do I want to see it still on sale when little April flowers are trying to bloom. The big box mentality of late is to roll out the holidays earlier and earlier, and while we generally buck those trends, we have started to put out just a sweet little taste of Christmas. It's just a funny juxtaposition: the very creepy Halloween spiders and crows and ghoulies sharing space with glitter and pine trees and mercury glass ornaments. One wants you to have a shot of apple cider with bourbon in it, and the other: hot cocoa with tiny marshmallows on top. Both good, just so different.

But we are so excited about all our holiday goodies waiting to go up on our shelves. You can get a little preview right now, and in the days to come, more and more will come out. The Pomegranate elves have been hard at work pricing and packing and planning... you'll just have to visit often to see what they've come up with!

Meanwhile, all our Halloween treats are now 30% off... and so begins the exodus of ghoul factor...

Here are just a few shots of new products we've brought in in the last few days. More to come. Keep watching.

Beautiful trays for serving... or gifting

Stripey linens with a French twist (not just for Christmas)

Skip the glitz with our burlap printed reindeer

I can see this sled filled with little gifts, pomegranates, tangerines

The best Christmas cards – limited supply

Quartz crystal tea lights are lovely when lighted

Like little ice sculptures for your table

Friday, October 11, 2013

When Jilly gets bored

Yesterday afternoon our sweet little Jilly (official Pomegranate Shop Dog) got bored and wanted me to come out on the lawn and play a little game of fetch (I throw; I fetch; she just runs around). But I was busy helping someone and couldn't accommodate her wishes. I heard this funny snuffling sound and then her little gallop... she had managed to grab a roll of ribbon and escape with it. When I found her outside, she had unraveled the whole thing and was leaping around in it like it was a pile of leaves. One happy girl. Anyone want some slightly used ribbon?

candles candles candles

We've spent the better part of a few days carving out little spaces at the shop (yep, one of our biggest challenges) for all the candles we ordered for the season, and we're loving all the new scents and lines. This is the time of year I want to have a nice candle burning every evening at home. It's just comforting, and makes the house smell so nice. Here are just a few offerings, all in beautiful fall/wintery scents...

The non-costume Halloween costume

I'm not one to spend any time putting together a Halloween costume, but I do like to add a little something something to wear to work that day (and for answering the door to 300 little goblins that night). Grab a hat, a headband, or some funny glasses... and you're all set.

Good thing we have lots to choose from at the shop, and starting today, all the Halloween wearables are 30% off! Lacy hair clips (which you could wear anytime), rings, aprons, glasses, headbands... come take a look and transform yourself in an instant.

organza aprons (with spiders) – just add black leggings

pillbox hat upon with crow on top; you can be Tippi Hedren

spooky, lacy rings (adjustable)

creepy 3-D hornrim glasses

feathers and lace: just clip into your hair
headbands with lace and feathers (not shown: witch's hat headbands)

hey Cruella: cool shades