Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Cool gifts/looming deadlines

One of our favorite gifts is our personalized stamps. Lots of designs to choose from, and you can put whatever wording you wish on them. Mostly, they're used for a nifty return address stamp, but you can do anything: any kind of announcement (new website, new baby, new address) or just a nice monogram to personalize stationery. Or, one of my favorites: stamps for kids that have their name in the middle and favorites words around the outside, e.g., thank you * love you * happy *

They're $45 (just an extra $3 if you want it drop shipped to a location other than our store), and ship in about 2-3 weeks. If you'd like to order for Christmas, the deadline is Tuesday, December 9 by 6pm. Come by our downtown store to see all the options and to order. But, if you miss the deadline, we will have in stock a very nice stamp gift certificate box that's great for holiday giving, and allows the recipient one-time access to the web site to choose her/his own design. You can pick those up all the way up to December 24, and we'll gift wrap it for you, too. For a preview, log onto and see all the variations available. You can't order online from there, but come into the shop and we'll guide you through the options.

Oh, just a little caveat: there are online companies selling these stamps, sometimes seemingly for less, but then there are all sorts of little hidden handling, shipping, whatever charges that actually add up to more than what you can get them for at Pomegranate. Plus, we're nice and we know what we're doing and can give you good advice in person. Make local habit!