Friday, July 18, 2014

A very full shop...

Those of you from California might remember the Winchester Mystery House: the crazy interesting owner was convinced she would die if she didn't always have an expansion project in the works, so she was constantly building onto her sprawling mansion, even if it was a staircase that went nowhere.

What's the point? Sometimes I feel like batty Mrs. Winchester, needing to fill every corner of our shop to overflowing. I do like white space. I love simple, uncomplicated arrangements of furniture and things. But at the shop, we feel compelled to fill the empty corners. Plus, there are just so many good finds to be had; often we buy a collection or a piece because we love it, then figure out later where in the world it's going to go.

So, last couple of weeks, we've had some big shipment days (and consolidating of vintage buys from past trips). And there are lots of fun new items to peruse. In no particular order, here are just a few new finds:

Fabulous vintage cocktail accoutrements: small jiggers, tray, (and that little set is too cute for words).

Handmade in Oregon: pewter twiggy spreaders, serving spoons and salad sets. 

Oval French bowl and platter, great for serving soups, veges, mashers...

Our adorable microwaveable storage bowls are back in stock!

Another great addition to our Oregon Jacobsen salts – travel tins.

Very clean and fresh: Swedish sea salt soap

So moisturizing: avocado soap

New from Archipelago for your spa day at home

New designs in our art coasters: each one is different (great hostess gift)

Sweet little bowls and boxes for rings

More petite ring bowls, handmade pewter

LOVE this book!

If you have a serious kitty, you will relate


The latest addition to the Swedish soap collection

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

For the love of a good flea market...

We used to travel far and wide for flea markets, and there really are some great ones out there (Alameda, Pasadena... only hours and hours of driving). It's still fun occasionally, but who has the time? Instead, we can enjoy our own Pomegranate Vintage Markets, full of great stuff, albeit on a slightly smaller scale. Vendors at our last market (July 5) brought some very tasty merchandise, at very good prices. It was nice and busy, despite the heat.

Funny that when I go around and take photos first thing in the morning, I'm so focused on just getting some shots that I sometimes don't even take note of the subject (beyond worrying if the light is okay and everything's in focus). Later, looking at the pictures, I could sometimes kick myself for not buying certain items (like that fabulous vintage doctor's bag filled with vintage instruments, and that corn hole game, made of reclaimed wood). Whaaat? How could I have missed those gems? And first rule of flea markets is: if you like it, buy it. Right now. Otherwise, it will go...

So, here are a few pictures of our last market. If you missed this one, don't worry; our next markets are scheduled for August 2, August 23, and September 13, from 10-4, in the gardens at Pomegranate!