Friday, September 30, 2011

Back from the land of pomegranates

Just back from a quick trip to Chico, land of pomegranates (and almonds, walnuts, peaches, kiwis, tomatoes, palm trees, roses, grapes, olives, persimmons, rice...). The place is simply lush with flora. Between the rich, loamy soil, high water table, and endless days of sun, things grow as if in a Mediterranean paradise. Couldn't believe the towers of tomatoes, profusion of fresh flowers, rows of zucchini and pumpkins... while back in Bend, we're still babying our little handful of Early Girl tomatoes (oh, the irony), hoping for a couple of sandwiches made with them. Sigh. From mom's sweet ranch in Chico comes the name of our shop, because early on, we were always cutting great armfuls of branches loaded with baby pomegranates to bring back to Bend to the shop. This trip was no different; we filled the back of the truck with branches filled with tiny green to just-pink pomegranates (my favorite time of year). Now they're all over the store, and so sweet.

You should come see them, and all our 'new' stuff, from market finds (just arrived; many boxes) to vintage goodies we gleaned along the way. Some of the vintage will come out tomorrow (Oct. 1); the rest to follow next week. The only problem is finding room for everything; it is truly packed at the moment... using every square inch for display. As one of our customers said today (in a good way): "You guys are out of control in here!"

Thursday, September 8, 2011

A little taste of our French Flea Market: last one of the season is on Saturday

I cannot wait for this Saturday's French Flea Market at Pomegranate. It's the last of the season (how did that happen so quickly?) and promises to be a fabulous market. We have some of our favorite vendors coming, as well as some brand new vendors, bringing loads of antiques and vintage goodies, wonderful hand-crafted items, garden art and lovely florals. Prices are always great! They'll be all set up in our gardens at Pomegranate on Saturday, from 10-4. The shop is open until 5, and we're full of new fall arrivals inside. Although some vendors can accept credit cards, it's best to bring cash. I suggest running shoes, a big tote (along the lines of those big IKEA bags) for all your finds, and a pocket filled with plenty of mad money (although I guarantee you'll find some cool stuff for under $20).

Above are some pictures from our last market, just to give you a taste of all the wonderful things you might find. Okay, I'm really mad at myself for not buying that faaaaabulous poodle portrait from the 60's. Mr. Beau Geste must have been one pampered boy.

We're in the historic farmhouse buildings just across the street from the north end of Macy's, on River Mall Avenue. Oh, here's another important tip when you shop the market: park across the street in the lot! Not along our narrow little roadway: last time the police showed up and issued warnings to those parked precariously. Not good.

See you Saturday! Go to for more info and directions.