Wednesday, September 28, 2016

A very, very fine Vintage Flea Market: 9/3/16

Everybody was a happy flea market hunter during our September market! There were so many good finds, from unusual antiques, to upcycled furniture, vintage fashion and jewelry, beautiful linens, transferware and enamelware from Parisian flea markets, cool primitive and industrial pieces.... everywhere you turned, there were fabulous things.

Our next market (and last of the season!) is coming up on Saturday, October 1st, from 10-4. We are sold out again, so it will be a market full of vendors and unexpected treasures. Weather should be cool, but very pleasant, so get ready for a great flea!

Here are some pics from our September market. Please keep in mind that much of this has likely been sold, and it's from many different vendors – so we probably can't give you pricing or availability info. But you never know, it may show up at our October market. See you there!