Friday, January 30, 2009

Great deals at Pomegranate: our last day downtown

Today is our last day at our downtown store. While it's looking rather sparse, having sold a ton of stuff, we still have some wonderful items at great discounts. It's all half-off the lowest marked price. Since I went around and made further mark-downs on a bunch of things, that extra half-off means some of it is 75% to 90% off. We're just givin' it away! Speaking of which, we set up a free box and keep throwing things in it – including more upholstery fabric samples that we just unearthed. I may add a bunch to it today.

We still have jewelry, cards, wallets and small leather goods, dinnerware (Corricoware from Portugal is all on clearance sale), bedding (including a few Bella Notte pieces!), a bit of holiday (ridiculously low prices), and bits and pieces. There's a stack of bridal shower invites – very pretty letterpress cards – that we must have loved, because we ordered a lot of them. They're something like 75% off... good time to stock up if your BFF is getting married. We might make some crazypants good deals if you take a bunch of things...

We will miss downtown. We'll miss our neighbors, our friendly and helpful mail carriers and delivery guys, our chai and latté fixes at Bellatazza... all of it. But customers and friends: we'll see you all at our original farmhouse location on River Mall Avenue, right? Right! We're going to redo things a bit there, bring in some new lines (and some favorite classics), do a little flipping and fixing and rethinking. We'll have time to work on and bring in little vintage finds and unusual pieces, and continue with our events and special parties. Maybe we'll do some classes or seminars there (all suggestions welcome). We're looking forward to focusing our energies on just the one shop, and it's going to be great.

Meanwhile, come visit us today – our last! – at Pomegranate Downtown and scoop up some great deals. We'll be closed at both stores tomorrow while we do our final move and clean up, and closed on Sunday, because wild horses will not drag us from our sofa positions (Robert watching the Superbowl; I'll have my face in a book).

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Free fabric samples/ribbon ends for crafters

Not only are we having a big 'ol sale at Pomegranate Downtown, we pulled all our discontinued fabric samples and bits and pieces of ribbon ends to give away. For free. They're great for craft projects, sewing, quilting, patching, wrapping (and some make great potholders)... stop by to hunt and gather!

Lots of our items have new markdowns, PLUS an additional 40% off. 150 NW Minnesota, just off Wall Street. By the way, parking is a breeze these days (that's the good news).

Monday, January 19, 2009

More markdowns at our progressive sale

Our progressive moving sale began last week; this week, we're giving an additional 40% off the lowest marked price. Some things are already marked down 50% or more... makes that extra discount so much sweeter! Stop by before it's all gone – Pomegranate Downtown at 150 Minnesota, just off Wall Street.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Say Goodnight

I've been humming this song a lot recently: "Awways look on the broight side of life, du du dih du..." Monty Python fans can whistle along.

It's been more than six months since we announced our intention to close our downtown Pomegranate and consolidate everything at our original River Mall Avenue farmhouse location. We were in the middle of our lease, so needed to have a new tenant in place before we could leave, and now it's done and in forward motion. Our next door neighbor, Lulu's, is going to take over our space in February, and we're sure she's going to do really well there. More light, more space for all her cute stuff. It's all good.

Sunday and Monday (1/11 & 12) both Pomegranates will be closed, so that we can do a major flip around with our inventory and sale items, which we've dredged up from both stores, storage, and I don't know, probably the garage, too. We'll reopen Tuesday at noon with all kinds of sale goodies, and will likely keep adding things over the next few weeks. There will be some great stuff at great prices, including a few utilitarian type display pieces that might be good for another shop or storage. But for the thousand or so people who have wanted to buy our vintage dental cabinet and other prime display pieces: don't get all excited. All those items are moving over to our River Mall Avenue location -- but as we figure out what we can fit in, no doubt some pieces will end up being for sale.

You'll just have to come visit us in our soon-to-be new and improved original location. As much as I hate to leave downtown, I am excited to get back to one store and really put some fresh energy into it. We have all kinds of ideas to make it even better (just wait till I pull together my vision of a little french laundry room on the front porch), but the full realization of that will take some time. We do have some great things to bring in (especially vintage), and we hope you stop by to see what's new. After Tuesday.

It was a very difficult decision for us to give up our wonderful downtown space, but it's all about survival now, and we're doing what we think is best for our business (and our mental health). So I've been trying to focus on the good things, coming soon: a couple of days off together (oh yeah! walk the dogs! play scrabble! read one of the hundreds of magazines I've got stacked up!). Robert gets to watch the superbowl, real time! Go to work with Mollie every day! Get back to work on our website! Breath!

Downtown sale starts Tuesday at noon; we'll be there until the end of the month.

Obama inaugural pins -- limited supply

We just received a shipment of Obama inaugural pins, hot off the presses from Washington D.C., where Delia (Bend goddess of cool buttons) is stationed for the month of January, selling lots and lots and lots of pins. Perhaps you've seen her pins and magnets; she uses fabulous vintage papers as the background. The inaugural ones have the date on them (see her website link above, if I did it correctly, for pictures of some of her pins). I daresay these are the nicest presidential items I've ever seen... can only imagine an "Antiques Roadshow" episode of the future, where a surprised attendee learns his buttons are worth a small fortune. Only two small problems: I sold half of our shipment within an hour of receiving them (not sure I can get more in time); and both Pomegranates are closed for a couple of days while we flip the stores around for our upcoming moving sale (see next post for info on that).

Come see us Tuesday at the downtown shop for your own Obama pin. Delia's website is (in case my link didn't work: it seems the tech world left me behind sometime in 1998 or so).