Friday, October 29, 2010

Cocktail party tonight at our little shop of horrors

Pomegranate's resident mad scientist/mixologist Robert found his lab coat and nerd glasses, and we're all set for tonight's fun little cocktail party at the shop, from 4-7. Stop by for a shot of Newt Brain (or glass of wine if you're feeling more civilized), treats, and scares (or laughs). Show up in costume and get a prize!

Take a stroll through the cemetery in the haunted garden (beware the swinging creatures), watch out for the spiders and rats in the cold and creepy ice house, and do a little shopping, too (in the warm and lovely main house, where we're previewing some of our newly-arrived holiday merchandise). All halloween treats are at least 50% off (some are 75% off!), and we have other great specials going on throughout the store for today only, including scarves and Baggallini totes at 20% off. Open 10:30-7 today.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Flipping the seasons: inside the shop

Read in the paper this morning that major retailers are attempting to move the traditional "Black Friday" (day after Thanksgiving) to just before Halloween. Tomorrow? Yep, "black friday now!" is emblazoned on the cover of the Sear's ad circular.

Really? I don't think so.

I've whined ad nauseum about the sanctity of the seasons, and how we shouldn't roll them out too early. Which is weird coming from a shop owner, because we're supposed to be way ahead of the game. We order Christmas merch in January, and some of it starts rolling in in August (so weird to be checking in snowy branches and ornaments when it's 95 degrees out). By traditional measures, we should have fall and halloween stuff out in August; Christmas starts in early October; and Easter things should be in your storeroom (if not on the shelves) in January. Sheesh. I prefer to savor the seasons and make them last as long as possible.

But, I have to bow to the retail gods, too, and get with the protocol. Which is why I'm right in the middle of switching out halloween for holiday in the store. It's kind of weird to be consolidating all the spooky, black branchy, creepy things and replacing them with light and delicate silvery jars and bowls. We went big on mercury glass votives this year: I want candlelight everywhere (even if you use the little faux tealights inside the votives).

I'm not giving up on fall, however: we are still featuring lots of lovely linens and candles, foods, and serving pieces for fall and your Thanksgiving table.

Halloween? We're just stepping that part up. All our halloween gear is 50% off... and tomorrow evening we're having a Weird and Wonderful Cocktail Party at the shop from 4-7. Our mad scientist/mixologist will be serving some creepy drinks and ladling out prizes and goodies. More on that later.

Running off now to do some more sweet holiday decorating, and prepping some ghoulish hanging creatures for the haunted garden. It's a schizo life.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Whoooo is ready for fall?

We are. Lots of new arrivals in the shop this week, including some great new cookbooks, soaps, candles (I'm just in love with the new "Maison Noir" collection from Voluspa), Baggallini, linens, scarves (yummy!), serving pieces, Halloween treats. Our kids' section is filling up again, too. Very cute. Plus vintage baskets and objets d'art, just in. Stop by and see us for a whiff of that fall flavor – you might just need one of those crazy raspberry or lime glittery skeletons. Open 10:30-5:30 Monday through Saturday.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Autumn Open House Saturday October 2

I've been a kid all week, waiting impatiently for the sound of the UPS truck, arriving with each day's new goodies. We've been gearing up for Pomegranate's fall open house on Saturday (from 10-5), and have a store full of fresh treats for you. New scarves, gourmet foods, halloween d├ęcor, glassware, candles (oh, if only you had smell-o-vision right now!), books, linens (tea towels, bedding, runners, tablecloths, napkins), wreaths, ironwork, jewelry, and lots of fabulous gifts.

We're serving some delicious little treats and libations, plus we'll have a tasting of our wonderful new offerings from Earth & Vine (gourmet culinary sauces and sweet/savory jams). Buy any two Earth & Vine products and we'll give you a free gift basket (and wrap it up in style). Get a free petite verbena guest soap just for coming in, and outfit yourself and your home for the season!

Should be a beautiful day – stop by for a treat!