Monday, September 24, 2012

Lighting up the evening (isn't it dark so early now?)

A few weeks ago, The Bulletin published a lovely story about outdoor lighting, and we were featured extensively in it. Now we have the link to get to the story behind the paywall, so you can read it here if you missed it in the paper. I love how it all turned out, and we had a blast helping stage some of the photo shoot. That bottle of Mo√ęt was merely a prop, by the way... to be saved for a grander occasion.

Our Soji lanterns have been selling like crazy (all summer, but especially after the article came out)... we have a few in stock right now; another shipment arriving on Wednesday, 9/26.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sniff. Our last flea market of the season...

The true end of summer always comes for us on the day of our last flea market of the season (which was last Saturday). It's kind of bittersweet, because on one hand, I breathe a tiny sigh of relief. They're done. We got through five of them. No more manic rush to get ads done, posts posted, emails blasted... But mostly, we love hosting these markets, and love seeing what people bring, and love the fun days that they always are. And I'm really sad when the season is done. Flea market days are always great for us inside the shop, too. Funny that we always worry that if we have more and more great vendors, the shop sales will suffer that day. But the opposite happens. We were swamped on Saturday, and very happy.

I love how our markets have evolved from a few vendors on the lawn (ten+ years ago), to a full-blown market with people spread out all over our back gardens and down the side (where the canal used to be). The September market was a wee bit smaller than earlier ones (just in number of vendors; there's always someone who can't make it at the last minute), but I have to say, the quality of the finds was outstanding. There were a couple of dealers who shopped the market and drove away with carloads of good stuff. That tells you how good prices were...

We have to give a big thank you to our fabulous vendors. They did such a great job, always! And don't be fooled by how fun this looks. It is hard, hard work. You have to find the goods (believe me, standing in line for three hours – starting at 5am – waiting for a questionable garage sale to open is not as romantic as it sounds). Then you restore, fix, price, organize, box up, pack up, load the truck. On flea market days, setup starts at 6:30am at Pomegranate, and you have just a few hours to unload, unwrap, merchandise it all, and make it look cute. Reverse process at the end of the day. We so appreciate all their efforts!!

We'll post next summer's flea market dates on our website sometime in late February. You don't want to miss a single one! Meanwhile, here are a few snaps of some of the offerings from our September 15, 2012 market.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

French Flea Market at Pomegranate: this Saturday!

Good news: this next flea market at Pomegranate is going to be one of the best ever... I can feel it coming, and I'm chomping at the bit. It's happening Saturday, September 15, from 10-4 in our gardens. We have some brand new vendors coming, and some favorites returning, and they're all bringing as much as they can, all priced to sell. The weather is going to be perfect for it, too.

Bad news: it's the last one of the season and if you miss it, there will be lots of whining. I so wish we could keep these going longer throughout the year, but they're an outdoor event, and we always worry about weather if it gets too late (or too early) in the season. So, we get to put on five per summer, and they just get better and better. Cannot wait.

Meanwhile, here's a few photos of the last market (August 25), just for a taste. I didn't get as many pictures that time. I think I was too busy buying to focus on taking good shots. Way too much fun, as always.

Lighting up the evening

We've definitely hit that downhill slide in the season, when it starts to get dark earlier and earlier. Our eight o'clock dinners on the patio – if it's warm enough – would be in total darkness if not for our solar soji lanterns, candles, and porch light off to the side.

We were so happy to see this lovely article in The Bulletin yesterday ("At Home" section), lots of it staged at Pomegranate with our outdoor lighting. What fun that was! Only thing missing was an actual cocktail in the shaker (shown behind the solar tea lantern). Come by and see us for your own lanterns, and light up those dark evenings!

Local artisans at Pomegranate: ReSeason pillows

A few months ago, two dear customers came to us with this idea they'd been working on – fabulous pillows made out of vintage knits, adorned with beads, buttons, and pearls. We flipped for them, and took as many as they could make for our upstairs boudoir at the shop. The creamy colors of their Winter White collection are just right for our Bella Notte linen bedding. They're so pretty, yet simple and not overdone. They have a great eye for picking just the right vintage sweaters from which to make their pillows, and the perfect adornments. Now they've added a few seasons to their pillows, with some darker, fallish colors, and a few in a gorgeous, pale buttery yellow. Perfect to toss on the bed or sofa.

They attended our last French Flea Market, and set up a wonderful space with their pillows massed on a sweet old daybed. If you missed it, never fear, because we are carrying them at the shop, and have a great new assortment for you to choose from.

We love having the wares from local artists at our shop: we think you'll agree that these are exquisite. Here are some photos from our flea market. Come see ReSeason pillows upstairs at Pomegranate!