Saturday, October 29, 2011

spooooky cocktail party... all halloween goodies on sale, today

Halloween open house today at Pomegranate with treats (no tricks), all halloween half off (some fun stuff left!), hot spiced cider, tidbits to eat... and from 4-6, spooky, creepy (but really good) cocktails served by resident mad scientist Roberto. Or wine, should you be afraid of a little shot of Newt Brain. Heh. Mollie is here, dressed in her super-dog cape (but not part of our half off sale!).

Hope to see you; swing by this afternoon (or anytime before 6ish) to enjoy a little something something, stock up on halloween goodies for your own parties, and have fun.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Doll parts for fab [and cheap] Halloween decorations

As a child, I was kind to my dolls, maybe because I didn't have too many of them (Barbie was outlawed in our house). Some of my friends viciously cut their doll's hair, or dyed it, or twisted their legs, or borrowed mom's makeup to paint up a ghoulish face. I admit to participating in some of these gory reconstructions, and maybe that's why I love using doll parts now as part of our Halloween decorations.

All year we've been on the lookout for vintage doll parts and bits we could use to hang in little trees (some made with gnarly branches and twigs stuck into a plaster of paris-filled container) or from chandeliers, or partially bury in bowls or boxes. Some we found on eBay; some at garage sales or thrift stores. The crustier and ickier the better. My favorites are the truly old porcelain parts. Some of those have wire loops (arms and legs, usually) that you can simply tie a bit of ribbon to for an instant halloween "ornament." For some others, I filled bowls and a couple of cubbyhole-type display boxes with black and white sand (easily found at craft stores if you don't have a beach in your neighborhood), and simply stuck miscellaneous arms, legs, hands into it. The more askew the better.

The tiny porcelain parts are great for decorating desserts, too. How about a little arm shooting up out of your chocolate frosted cupcake? Bwaaaa hhaa hahh. Just make sure no one thinks they're made out of candy.

Lastly (or not), I had a fun idea for some of the goofy plastic doll heads we found. Bought a bunch of cheap black frames (mostly 4x6, 5x7) at garage sales and the dollar store, knocked out the innards, and hung a plastic doll head (or foot, or shoe) from ribbon in the center of the frame, like a little ghouly portrait. I simply (and here comes the part I missed as a child) poked a little hole through the head (or whatever part was handy) with an ice pick, pushed some black ribbon through, and tied it at the top of the frame. Add another long loop of ribbon to the frame, and hang from the ceiling (or deep window frame or fireplace) with little tacks.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

More cheap and creepy makings for Halloween

Here are my very easy to make creepy dollies to hang on trees or around the house (how charming!) for Halloween. From one of the dollar stores I found baby dolls to repurpose. First, I clothed them in 8" wide strips of muslin, cut long (about 2', depending on size of doll). Fold over in half, cut a round hole to put over their heads, fasten around the waist with a piece of black ribbon, then shred the bottom 'skirt' with scissors. With cheap halloween makeup ( you could probably do the same with crayons) we then added scars and dirt and red marks to their sweet little faces... From their ribbons, they hang quite nicely on tree branches, shepard's hooks, doorknobs. Total cost: about $1.50 each.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Cheap tricks for Halloween

We love Halloween. It's the one time of year you can be totally goofy and crazy without too much embarrassment. We're having fun at the shop putting together some of our stupid and irreverent ideas for Halloween d├ęcor. And on a side note, we moved earlier this year, to a neighborhood that has tons of kids who apparently go all out for trick or treating. Oh yeah, we're ready! I've already bought bags and bags of candy and teeny play-doh containers to give out, and every morning over breakfast we discuss what other funky, scary, fun thing we can do to the front yard for the big day.

So, thought I'd share a few things we've been working on (all sourced very inexpensively). We've been collecting old, broken dolls and doll parts for the better part of the year. Some you can get on eBay (better start now!), and some you can find in thrift stores, garage sales and the dollar stores. The point is to rip them apart and use the pieces to make new halloween art. Wheeee. For the creepy lantern shown above, I used a lantern we sell at Pomegranate (actually quite lovely with a nice candle in it), pulled the extremities off of a plastic doll, put a battery-operated tea light in her belly, and tucked her inside. She'll hang from a shepard's hook in the front yard, helping to light the way for the little goblins. More ideas to come... or stop by the store to see our collection of creepy doll parts and how we're making new uses for them.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Queen of Cardboard

Queen of Cardboard: my new title, new f/t job... breaking down and recycling the bazillion boxes that have been arriving daily at Pomegranate. It's all good, though. Boxes mean new goodies, and new goodies mean happy customers. I think the recycling guy isn't all that pleased with us, though: he just delivered two more rolling carts so that we can try to tame the weekly mountain of stuff.

The shop feels really, really full right now; can barely squidge one more thing in there... yet somehow we always find space. New arrivals we love: chocolate candles (pillars and soy in glass) from Chocolate Flower Farm on Whidbey Island (exquisite! and I normally don't like food-scented candles, but these are really pure and smell like they should be edible), french/sea/hawaiian salts and wonderful little salt dishes (from simple wood bowls to pewter birds and mini french tagines), Voluspa and Archipelago candles and diffusers, Lollia hand creams and new shower gels, books, books, books (love the Snark Handbook; almost sold out but will get more), sumptuous velvet pumpkins, chic shopping totes (Eden bags actually made out of recycled water bottles), Halloween, more Halloween, serving dishes, trays, jewelry, cards, glassware, notepads, vases, frames, crazy cute plush animals for kids...

Come by this Saturday, October 8 for our Fall Open House, with treats and libations, goodies and tastings, from 12-5 at Pomegranate! The Queen of Cardboard awaits your arrival.