Friday, May 17, 2013

summer color

Aren't we all soooo ready for summer? Here are some great colors, new arrivals to put you in the mood. Soon, friends, soon.

Lovely soy candles in great little birdy pot, white or aqua
(lavender lemongrass or sicilian blood orange)

Wonderful garden books for dreaming

Kitchen papers with fun birds – perfect hostess gift!

Summer stripey tablecloths and napkins are so fresh and happy.

New arrivals we love

This time of year is a bit like Christmas in the sheer numbers of boxes that arrive at our doorstep every day. They're all filled with something good; in some cases it's the first time we've seen it since market in January (and fall in love with it all over again). We're also bringing in some fab new vintage items that we've collected on several trips here and there (just got back from Portland, and found some wonderful hidden treasures for you; will do another post on that). Here are just some random new goodies that we're really happy about.

Lots of new Mixture soy votives just in. Try new scents Amber or
Blood Orange... also available in unscented for your dinner table.

Sweet little carved wood box

Good design books are like crack, right? Only less expensive.

Another great new design book, plus carved Tree of Life box

Lavender linen water: spring cleaning time!

Sweet little magnifier on long chain.

New wall baskets for office/craft supplies, etc.

These cute wire heels are great for little plants.

New line of hand-woven cottons from Ethiopia – wonderful
texture and colors in napkins, placemats, runners...

Ethiopian cottons – the big runners could be used as a lightweight throw. 

New lamps to light up the house

There's nothing like a good lamp to change the whole look – the balance – of a room. A good lamp, strategically placed, can suddenly bring up fresh color in the walls, artwork, furniture. It can bring forward dark corners, even out the texture of a room, make it happier and brighter.

We're so happy with the lamps we found at market this year. It's not been so easy to source stylish lamps (with nice shades!) that don't have a huge price tag attached (and it's just a fact: really good lamps can cost a lot). These are all really good looking, well made... and reasonably priced.

Come take a look!


After all the (well-deserved) attention on Mother's Day, sometimes it seems like dads get short-shrift when it comes to their day (June 16 in case you are confused). We try hard at Pomegranate to find some fun things for dad, although admittedly it is not as fun and easy and fulfilling to find good guy things as it is to find things we girls like. A lot of it is kind of gimmicky, and we don't like that very much. We're happy with what we did find – here's a little preview of our selections:

P├ętanque set, pastis glasses, cards, books... and a little teeny scooter.

A very cool new design: the one-handed bottle opener (every dad needs one!)

Jokes (what could go wrong?) and vintage sword-style bbq skewers (what could go wrong?)

Just one of the fun books we found for dad/kid projects