Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My little obsession for holiday tables

Here's my little pet idea for a cool holiday table setting this year: mixed up, random, vintage silver candle holders all jumbled together on the table (perhaps on top of a runner or mirror tile, with some simple greens wound throughout). I'm talking about the ones everyone got (always in pairs) as wedding gifts in the 50s and 60s. Those days, you would make a very formal setting by setting matching candlesticks at each end of the table. I like to see them in all different heights, just onesies (in odd numbers), in an asymmetrical arrangement, all with the same color taper (probably white). We've been searching for them for some time, and are bringing out all our finds to fill the shelves (all sold individually, of course). You might also find them at the back of gram's linen closet, or if you're very lucky, at a thrift store. I did not manage to take a good picture, but will try to do so as we put more out. I usually don't have a lot of time during the holidays to perfect our own house (too busy at the shop), so I love having things I can throw together quickly. It's called last-minute panic decorating.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Small Business Saturday today: you can leave the pepper spray at home.

Reading the ridiculous stories in the paper this morning about Black Friday antics, including the woman in LA who pepper sprayed the lunging, crazed crowd around her so she could be first to grab an X-Box. I'm imagining her on Christmas morning, when Junior rips open the package. "Honey, in the Christmas spirit, mommy had to seriously injure 20 people to get you this gift – have fun!"

Today is the antidote to the madness, when you can shop and have fun at small, local stores. Find unique merchandise, enjoy your adventure (people actually have fun at getting pushed and jabbed in the big box midnight??), and support small businesses in your community.

Today at Pomegranate, not only are we serving up fabulous gifts and holiday décor, we're ready for you with hot spiced cider or eggnog (with a little spike if you wish!). Tomorrow: we open the champagne for your shopping pleasure. Open daily: Mon-Sat 10:30-5, Sunday 11-4 (official hours, but quite often we're there earlier and later than posted). Oh, and no Christmas music yet: we don't want you getting sick of it this early...

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A sleighful (or is it an avalanche?) of holiday goodies and gifts

We've been unpacking boxes of holiday cheer for weeks. Still tripping over stuff, and still expecting quite a few more arrivals, from wonderful décor to perfect gifts, all with that certain Pomegranate je ne sais quois. Here's just a wee preview of some of our offerings: just have to stop by to see it all. Open Monday-Saturday from 10:30-5 (or later); open Sundays from 11-4 starting on November 27. Have no idea where we are? Slightly off the beaten path, just across the street from the north side of Macy's. Have no idea who we are? A cute little shop with wonderful hand-picked items from vintage to new, home décor, accessories, gifts... free gift wrap, personal service, hot spiced cider, and this time of year, if the mood hits us, eggnog (spiked with a little something if you wish).

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Wildfire: our favorite pottery show of the year (this weekend!)

Head over to Highland Elementary (on Newport) today and tomorrow to view (and buy!) pottery at the annual Wildfire Pottery Showcase from some of the area's most talented potters (an amazing array of artists we have here, yes?). The demonstrations are always fun, and there are always great pieces to see and covet. We'll be there tomorrow...