Saturday, May 28, 2011

In this weather, hike or shop? You decide: we're open all weekend for you.

Too bad it's not a teeny bit sunnier this weekend -- is that too much to ask? Well, you can always pop by and visit Pomegranate if your gardening plans are on hold. We're open on Sundays now for the summer (from 11-4), and open throughout the Memorial Day weekend. To top it off, we're having a great sale, now through Monday. We're still putting out lots of new arrivals from this week, from cards to soaps to fabulous graduation and wedding gifts.

My favorite graduation gift? Just in at Pomegranate: the funny, adorable (and at the same time, irritating) Clocky, the alarm clock on wheels that jumps off your nightstand and runs around your room making loud R2D2 sounds until you get out of bed and turn it off. Perfect for a college or job-bound graduate. Or if you just want to get your kid out of bed. With Clocky, you will never over sleep again, promise. We're fully stocked in black, chrome, aqua, and almond. Same price you'll find online, but without the shipping, and hey, we don't charge for gift wrap...

Thursday, May 19, 2011

A fresh crop of vintage finds

Just in: all manner of interesting and rare vintage objects, from beautiful old French transferware plates to my personal favorite (the Eberhard Faber pencil display rack from an old general store). I also love pedestal bowls and compotes of any sort, and found a cache of them in glass and hotel silver. Fill them with soaps, flowers, fruits, or collections (perhaps ice cream in the case of the hotel silver bowls): the elevation makes a great balance for any display or presentation. Oh yes. Little boxes (metal, wood), and a really sweet, original happy face lunchbox from the 70s (not pictured). Serving spoons, vintage cake servers... so many new treats to look at. Swing by soon. We're in the charming old farmhouse across from the north end of Macy's.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Champagne & treats for Mom, today at Pomegranate

Mmmm, yes – we're serving champagne and sweet nibbles at Pomegranate today, and giving away a petite heart soap to all moms. It's going to be a fun day, and we have lots of fabulous and unique gifts ready to go. We'll wrap them up for you (for free, in our adorable gift bags) and you'll be a hero on Mother's Day. By the way, you don't have to be an actual mother to enjoy the day: you can be a go-to mom, a lend-an-ear mom, auntie-mom, puppy mom...

All you have to do is find us: in the funky little farmhouse on River Mall Avenue, across from the north end of Macy's. Open 10:30-5 today (or later, if everyone is still shopping and sipping). 541.383.3713.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Fresh picks at Pomegranate for Mother's Day

The best part of Mother's Day at our shop? The kids who come in with dad to pick out a little something for mom... and hand us a pocketful of hard-earned quarters. Whatever you choose: a $3.50 French lavender heart soap -- or something more extravagant -- we'll wrap it beautifully and send you off with a perfect gift. Just a few pictures of recent arrivals... Pomegranate champagne cocktails on Saturday! All you have to do is find us (hidden away on River Mall Avenue, across the street from the north side of Macy's).