Saturday, December 18, 2010

What adornments are you wearing with your holiday fleece?

'Tis the time of year to contemplate dressing up a bit more for all those soirees and holiday get-togethers (nevermind that we really just want to wear warm fleece from head to toe). At Pomegranate, we have the nicest collection ever of lovely jewelry to wear and to give this season. Good news is, everything is really reasonably priced. Pix aren't all that fabulous, but there are some really interesting, fun pieces in the shop (lots more arrived just yesterday). The little bird collection is über-adorable, simple and modern (also love the nest necklaces and earrings).

The pewter "love" sign (also available with the word "nest"), handmade in the US, is made by the same artist who does the birds. Not really for your neck, of course, but so sweet on the wall.

Does the snow hamper a good shopping day? Nah. We're tough!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Some of our favorite gifts for the kiddos

We've revived our little attic room upstairs with new offerings for kids, and are having fun filling it with some of our favorite things. Little journals, books, bath squirties, wall decor, piggy banks, puzzles, and sweet, crazy plushie toys. The shark chalkboards just arrived (hey, might be good at the office, too?) Gnome banks (sold out right now) and gnome glasses are adorable. Flocked piggy banks for all those pennies. Great books (I love "Don't Lick the Dog" for little ones who are learning how to interact with dogs), butterfly garlands, fairy mobiles, French bingo, baby blankets... Great stocking stuffers: Japanese erasers, goldfish pencil sharpeners, and magnetic cable mobiles (for displaying photos and cards).

Kids are always invited to go upstairs and draw on our chalkboard table (sometimes I dash upstairs for something, and see the most amazing artwork on the table). One of these days I'll take some pictures...

Interesting, unique things for the kids? Find them at Pomegranate.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Serving cocktails in the frozen tundra and raising money for FAN: a soiree update

Those of you who know us, know to look forward to our annual Holiday Cheer Soirée and Day of Giving Back. In which we serve about 100+ martinis from the ice bar, regale everyone with treats and gifts... and donate 10% of the day's revenues to a local charity. {Don't get all excited: that was on December 4, and we're just now posting this update.}

Happy to say we raised $440 for Family Access Network (FAN), which does so much for kids in need, and helps keep them in school. $400 of that was our donation of 10% of the day, so it was a good day, indeed. The other $40 was from customers who ponied up a bit more as they signed up for our four fabulous door prizes. Thanks to generous donations from some of our lovely vendors and reps (Olivina, Eye Candy, Archipelago, Rebecca C.), we were able to combine lots of fun items from the store to create four different treat packages: spa, lavender, wine, and pomegranate baskets. Our winners were Martha C., Sharon B., Janet T., and Sandi C. Yay!

Have to say, the Pometinis were deeelicious, as were the sweet/spicy nuts we make for these occasions. See our recipe section at for details.

As usual, I didn't do much of a job with photography; once things started, we really got slammed, and I forgot all about it. But here are a few pictures of the setup, and the shop at night, which is just lovely in the snow.