Saturday, March 31, 2012

Drippy and dreary: a good day to shop (and bowl?)

We were so hoping the weather would clear up, especially for all the visitors in town who thought they were getting away from the gray stuff. It's not to be, but it is a good day to come shop. Pop in to see us at Pomegranate, where we'll have lovely hot spiced cider for you (by the way, the mulling spices we use are on sale at half off), tons of fresh new merchandise to peruse (including beautiful spring scarves), and lots on sale.

Here's another great idea: if you're looking to entertain the kiddos, head to Sun Mountain Fun Center (right next door to us!)... and drop mom off at Pomegranate. Everyone has a good time that way...

Open 10:30-5pm today. Going "fishing" (aka little buying trip/mini getaway) tomorrow through Tuesday, April 3, so don't stop by then. Open again on April 4!

Just add a bit to steep in hot cider, or wine. Delicious!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring cleaning essentials... and a little gift

We've been carrying the Thymes Mandarin Coriander homekeeping products for about a year now, and it's my hands-down favorite scent and line of products for the kitchen (or bath). It's citrusy and fresh, with a subtle note of warm spice. I use the countertop spray everywhere (stainless appliances, too), and actually enjoy doing the handwash dishes with the dish soap (rich, foamy bubbles that really cut into grease and goo). The little sink set sits handy for hand soap and lotion.

We just got a new shipment in, so we're fully stocked, including the adorable mini dish soap special that's a gift with purchase. Buy $20 or more of Mandarin Coriander product, and we'll give you a free smaller version of the dish soap (value $4). It's a great little size for travel (perfect for the Airstream I wish we had). We also have a tiny sample of hand cream and dish soap we'd be happy to give you, if you just want to test it out first.

Makes spring cleaning almost a joy. I love it when the house smells good!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

New arrivals at Pomegranate: totes, toys, and tools for the office

Every day I carve out tiny spaces for all our new arrivals at Pomegranate. The shop really is quite small, and sometimes I feel like I'm shoehorning it all in. I vacillate between wanting lots of clear surface and white space (hah, never going to happen) and curating a collection of objects that have to move ever closer together as we bring in new merchandise. Then it all sells and I'm back (temporarily) to clean, open space. It's a neverending dance. I cannot deny the fun, however, of opening up boxes of goodies that we fell in love with at market... and then finding a good spot for them. In the last week, we've brought in new handbags and wallets, shopping totes, new toys and art for kids, office supplies that you just can't live without, foods, easter treats, and d├ęcor designed for indoors or out (wire cloches, baskets...). Here are just a few pictures:
Heavenly new candles in summer-poppy colors from Barclay Butera

The softest, sweetest monkey to cuddle with

Cute tins from France for storing sweets, supplies, misc. stuff

One of several magnet boards for your love notes

Monkey with soft, soft blankets (cute camo blankies for boys, too)

Art boards on ribbon are a great gift at just $18.95

Wabbit puppet

New art with great messages – for upcoming graduation?

Sturdy bookmarks, $2

It's Adam, the Doodles Man. He's fully articulated for hours of fun.

New company from Britain: love the sticky notes.

Lots of new cards have arrived. No room for all of them!

Is it just me? I love these ruler paper chains.

New wallets.

Silk clutches in bright spring colors.

Totes, handbags. Lots.

These luggage tags are a great bon voyage gift.

Easter bunnies are flying out the door

Such is life in the retail world that the stuff you order for one holiday or another doesn't always come at the same time. We're still getting easter shipments at Pomegranate, and I just put out a bunch more (and yes, the little guys are flying out the door). I love our finds this year. It's not a ton of stuff, but what we did bring in is really adorable. You'd have to be a grump not to like those felted chicks on their skinny wire legs. Easter is on April 8, by the way.

Most excellent hostess gifts (when wine is not quite enough?)

You're invited for dinner and grab a bottle of wine out of the closet (or, ahem, your cave) before you head off. Sometimes that's just not quite enough of a thank you... or maybe wine isn't even the right contribution. We love to bring a lovely bottle of olive oil and/or special vinegar, or a pair of some of our favorite gourmet foods. Something that your hosts can enjoy long after the party is over. We adore our new shipment of B.R. Cohn olive oils and vinegars, which we picked up right at the source just a few weeks ago. We've been experimenting with the different olive oils (from subtle and silky to green and olivey) and love love love the vinegars. The white balsamic is delicate and delicious in a salad. Drizzle the blackberry balsamic (or 15-year balsamic) over strawberries for a simple and wonderful dessert.

We've carried Earth & Vine products for some years now, and never, ever get tired of the Red Bell Pepper and Ancho Chili Jam. My favorite appetizer: good crackers, a little cream cheese (or mascarpone) and a dab of the ancho chili jam. Jah.

Or, bring some Herbes de Provence (for use in everything, from eggs to roasts), or fabulous French sea salt. Who wouldn't love that? Walk in with some of the above in one of our nice gift bags, and you'll be a hero.